10 tips to create consistently engaging instagram content

Creating an engaging Instagram content strategy is the key to achieving a strong online brand presence. 

It may sound straightforward, but maintaining the consistent and creative content over a long period of time can be difficult, especially when Instagram is constantly evolving.

Before Instagram’s algorithm threw everything into the wind, it was possible to plan your Instagram content strategy so your posts would feature the right hashtags and be posted at a time of high engagement.

Today, there’s no rules to becoming a hit on the platform. However, what we do know is that consistently posting inspiring and high-quality content is crucial. So, take a look at our top 10 tips to boost that all important engagement.

1. Is Instagram the right platform for your business?

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Before you consider your Instagram content strategy and how you’ll present your business online, you need to establish the right platform for you.

It’s no secret that Instagram is a great marketing tool but some businesses perform better than others. First, you need to determine where your audience is – if they’re all on Facebook then Instagram is no use to you.

Secondly, evaluate your business and whether it’s capable of engaging creative-thirsty users. Instagram is better for content that is visually engaging through photography, design and videos, so if you can deliver this you’re on to a winner.

2. Content planning is crucial

So your social media account is up and running, but you need an engaging Instagram content strategy to fill your feed – this is where content planning comes in.

It’s imperative to do your research within your specific industry or niche to determine if there are any gaps that you could fill. Take a look at what your competitors are doing and ask yourself, can I put my own spin on this? Or if they’re missing a trick, be sure to get in there first.

This will help you get a good variety of content so you’re not always posting the same thing. An Instagram content strategy is all about creativity and if you’re continually searching for new ideas and gaps in the market, your audience will appreciate that you’re on the ball with the latest trends.

3. Use analytics to your advantage

Instagram analytics

We can’t stress this enough – you need to be tracking your social performance.

Analytics are there for a reason, and to really get the most out of your Instagram content strategy, look at the insights of your posts and see what resonates with your audience. 

This will help you establish what posts drive the most engagement and will therefore help you create future content that will perform well and improve your channel as a result.

For business accounts on Instagram, there is a designated Insights feature that enables you to review the performance of your posts from audience reach, engagement and hashtag statistics.

4. Plan and prepare posts ahead of time

If you want your social media to be as consistent as possible, then dedicate some time each week to brainstorm, plan and prepare your posts.

Getting ahead of your posting schedule will keep you on track and up to date with current trends. Whether you scour Pinterest or your competitor accounts for inspiration or you channel your own ideas using your audience’s interests, simply jot down your ideas and create these in plenty of time. 

To really give your Instagram content strategy some life, take a look at our Social Media Calendar for inspiration.

5. Quality images are imperative

Instagram image content

There’s nothing worse than uploading images that are the wrong size, poor quality or don’t look professional. After all, your social media is often the place your customers go to first – so make that impression count. 

Instagram is the most visual social media platform, with 95 million photos and videos being shared everyday. So, not only are you battling with your competitors, you’re also up against other business users across the platform. This is more the reason to create stand-out content.

Our top tips for taking high-quality images are:

  • Use good lighting 
  • Capture a variety of angles 
  • Consider the composition of your image
  • Use a quality camera or smartphone 
  • Let the image do the talking – don’t litter it with text

Simply follow the above pointers and you’ll successfully create images with an impact.

6. Consider how your content can work on Insta Stories and Reels

As important as your feed content is, it’s equally important to consider the other functionalities of Instagram

When you’re creating an Instagram content strategy, make sure you take into account how you can produce content for Reels and Stories as these are crucial for maintaining engagement. 

Snackable video content is one way to drive visibility to your business. With 87% of Gen-Z TikTok users stating that Reels are basically the same, this is a platform you need to be onboard with.  

The bottom line is, this gives you the opportunity to create fun content, showing your audience the face behind your brand. What’s more, if you use local and trending hashtags, your business will then appear on the Explore page of Instagram.

A great advantage of Stories is that there are so many ways to engage with your audience. With elements such as the poll, a QA box, a reaction voter and a quiz, the opportunities are endless. 

As the saying goes, two minds are better than one. In this case, three platforms are better than one.

7. Create highlights to showcase your stories

Instagram is always generating new features so its users can make the most of their content.

Instagram highlights allow you to pinpoint certain stories so your audience can quickly access this content. Simply put your stories into categories – this can be anything from behind the scenes, meet the team, reviews or FAQs. 

There is unlimited content to what can be posted on a story. Whether it’s a new product sneak peek or engaging with your audience, these are all key things to have pinned as highlights on your account.

8. Utilise Instagram to express culture, inspiration and trends

Instagram is much more than a space to share visuals – it’s a brand awareness platform. 

Essentially, Instagram is the home to some of the most unique and diverse communities out there. Whether you’re a start-up finding your feet or a well-established brand, there’s a community for every account to tag into. 

Ensure you’re utilising Instagram to its full potential and take this opportunity to express the culture of your brand, take inspiration from trends and other content producers and use hashtags to tailor your content to your specific community. 

9. Use advertising to your advantage

With over 1 billion monthly users, Instagram’s soaring popularity provides brands with ample opportunities to sell their products and services through advertisements. 

As much as Instagram is a platform to promote your brand and showcase your creativity, it’s essentially a place to sell and as 81% of users admit to using the platform to research new products, this is a must.

Make the most of Instagram advertising and comfortably create visually appealing ads to market your brand. Instagram Ads, like Facebook, can generate both organic and paid growth, making it easier to expand your reach – not forgetting that they are connected through Facebook Ads Manager.

10. Build a community using influencers and user-generated content

As aforementioned, Instagram is one big community and to truly find your place within that, you should be incorporating influencers into your Instagram content strategy.

Today, it’s not unusual to have influencers marketing your products or services – in fact, it’s unusual not to. However, a lot of brands simply don’t have the budget for this. While there is a market of micro-influencers out there, to really produce authentic content that will resonate with your audience, start posting user-generated content.

Encourage your audience to tag you in their pictures so you can post these on your feed. Not only will this diversify your content, but putting real photos of your customers at the forefront of your brand will see a huge return in customer loyalty and respect – the perfect grounds to create your very own Instagram community.

Have we inspired you to create a standout content strategy? If you have the ideas but need a helping hand or you’re looking for fresh content, get in touch with Rawww and allow us to elevate your Instagram marketing. 

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