5 key things to consider when creating an effective social content plan

Making a plan is always a good idea, especially when it comes to your business’ social posting.

Creating a great content strategy will ensure that your social media efforts are more consistent, and are working to support your broader business goals. Not to mention, it also makes coming up with creative ideas a lot easier.

To help you create a content plan that guarantees social posting success, we’ve gathered 5 key considerations that you should make:

1. What social channels are right for your business?

Not all platforms are a good fit for every company or organisation so it’s important to find the right social media platforms that work the best for your business and will provide the most value.

For example Facebook is an extremely popular social media platform that reaches a wide and varied audience. As of 2020, Facebook has 2.74 billion monthly active users.

However, if you’re looking to target a younger audience, Instagram might be more effective as recent demographics indicate that users of the site are predominantly under the age of 34.

It’s important to conduct some research into this when creating a social content plan. To learn more about the pros and cons of the most popular social platforms, read our recent blog.

2. Establish your brand’s tone of voice


Essentially, tone of voice characterises your brand personality and values. Having a distinct voice symbolises integrity and trustworthiness. To achieve this, there must be a sense of consistency in your posts that lets your audience know what they can expect from you.

Although comical memes might make you laugh, this doesn’t always mean they’re appropriate for your brand. Getting a sense of your company’s tone of voice will guide you when deciding what style of posts to put into your content plan.

The very first step in establishing a social media tone of voice is being able to define your brand messaging. You need to know the real purpose of your communication before you can create content. Once this is established, you should be able to develop your own brand’s style guide.

3. Ensure you have a bank of assets at hand

Creating a bank of images and videos will certainly eliminate day-to-day content hassle and save you lots of time as you’ll have a collection of good quality photographs to create content around. What’s more, preparing the assets and storing them in one file will allow you to compare items and ensure that they all follow a similar style.

Although you’ll always need to be creating new images for your social posts to make sure your feed doesn’t feel repetitive, having a bank of assets is important as it provides reliable options that you can fall-back on.

4. Include a variety of posts

Similarly, it’s important to factor in a variety of posts into your content plan to avoid your feed becoming stale. Keeping your content interesting means your accounts are more likely to get noticed and drive audience engagement.

Although your ultimate goal may be to boost sales, the most successful social accounts don’t make every post a link to their product or service, listing their prices, or even linking to their blog posts.

Instead, publishing lots of different styles of posts keeps your feed fresh, exciting, and varied. Raising brand awareness should also be another major aim when coming up with social ideas.

While content that focuses on your brand’s product is still extremely important when creating a social content plan – make sure to include a variety of posts too.

5. Staying relevant to your audience

With social media constantly changing and evolving, it’s important that your accounts seem up to speed with what’s new. This will allow your business to continue relating to your current audience as well as appeal to new followers.

Creating posts that focus on current trending topics relevant to your industry is a great way to uplift your social media presence.

Not only can this increase your chances of appearing in feeds, but people will be more likely to comment on and share your posts as well.

Social post planning made easy

At Rawww, we’re passionate about helping businesses reach new customers and increase leads through the power of social media. Our social media calendar is full of important industry dates and events to give you quick inspiration for your content plan.

We hope this blog has given you a better idea about how you can create a bulletproof social content plan for your business.

If you’re interested in gaining more support with your social media strategy and content planning, get in touch with Rawww.

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