Be a social superstar: Our top 10 tips on how to create engaging social Facebook content

Ensuring that your content is engaging, memorable and impactful on Facebook is fundamental to your brand’s online presence. 

Due to how long Facebook has been around, its marketing power can often be overlooked. However, over the years Facebook has evolved to ensure brands can advertise and market themselves in an array of ways, and it’s vital that this opportunity is used to help boost your brand’s engagement. 

Back when Facebook was just a place where people connected with long lost friends and poked people’s accounts, advertising and marketing were at the bottom of its priorities and uses. Now, Facebook is well known for using personalised ads and a great way for businesses to establish a solid online presence reaching both old and new customers. 

Whilst there is no one way of creating engaging social content on Facebook, we do know that consistency, high quality, and creative content is vital. So, check out our top 10 tips to boost your Facebook marketing strategy and help your brand become a social superstar. 

1. Is Facebook the right platform for your business?

The first step to take, even before you start planning your content, is to sit back and think about whether Facebook is the right platform for your business to market itself on. 

Some company’s perform best on Facebook and others not so much. You have to think about your audience and where they’re coming from. If most of your target audience are on Instagram then you should choose that over Facebook. 

Both Instagram and Facebook are great platforms, but depending on your audience and business one will work better than the other for you, and it will mean you have to spend some time thinking about this to be able to determine whether Facebook is right for you to build your online presence and marketing strategy

Some examples of businesses that are good to market on Facebook are:

  • Retail
  • B2C brands
  • Shopping

Some examples of businesses that are not so good to market on Facebook are:

  • Telesales
  • B2B brands
  • Consultancy

2. Content planning is key

Planning is fundamental when it comes to boosting your online engagement. It’s one thing to have an account up and running and ideas that have been half thought out, but these ideas need to be executed correctly which is where planning comes into it. 

Do your research into your businesses industry, find gaps, see what works best for your competition and how you can make it your own. Or even better if they’re all missing something that you’ve spotted has potential, be the first to do it and stand out from everyone else. 

This will diversify your content, so it remains engaging. It also will help your content become specific and special to you, it should be that before people even see the social account name they know it’s a post from you due to it being different. 

On Facebook, people see hundreds of ads daily and it’s crucial that yours is creative and contains authentic content, so you can make a lasting impression on your audience who will appreciate you keeping up with the latest trends. 

3. See what’s working in page insights with analytics

It’s imperative that you track your social performance. 

Analytics are there to help you get the most out of your Facebook marketing strategy. It’s a great way to spot what really works for your audience, and where you can make improvements. 

Using this information will shape your future content strategy and ideas, as you’ll know what gets engagement and what you should do more of. Ensuring your content is relevant to your audience, improving your channel and continuously gaining attraction from your audience. 

Find out more on how to use Facebook insights, here.

4. Focus on content quality

The whole point of social media and your content on Facebook is that it is supposed to visually capture your audience’s attention so they want to find out more about your brand. 

Nobody will stop scrolling to look at your content if it’s dull, poor quality or doesn’t look professional. Social media is where most people today go first to check out your business – so make sure you’re making the right first impression, because they last. This must be set as a priority when you consider your Facebook marketing strategy. 

Amongst all the personal posts and images on people’s Facebook timeline, ads and brands social posts could get lost if they are not reaching the quality mark that they should be. The competition for quality content is high with 10 million active advertisers using Facebook to market their products and services. 

How to get top quality content you ask? Here’s our tips: 

  • Use good lighting 
  • Take images from a variety of angles  
  • Consider the composition of your image
  • Use a quality camera or smartphone 
  • Let the image do the talking – don’t clutter the page with too much text 
  • Motion graphics – Animating your post can improve conversion rates

5. Call to action blog posts

The whole purpose of posting on your social media account is to essentially promote your brand, so people actually want to use your brand and services, and become customers of yours. 

The best way to do this is through call to action blog posts, letting a potential customer know this is what we do and then speaking to them personally within the blog at the end through a call to action to use your service is a key part of creating engaging social content. 

You have to direct them to where and how they can use your service. Make it as easy as possible for them to use your brand and give them reasons above outlining why and what you can do to ensure your Facebook market strategy gets results. 

6. Make the most of ad targeting

Targeted ads are a great way to increase your visibility and engagement with your target audience. 

Using targeted ads takes the guesswork out of customer acquisition and ensures your ads are not being wasted on an audience who is not interested in your product or service. 

Tailored to target those customers whose interests and behaviour trends match your brand, they are extremely useful in driving engagement up and also real sales as your ad is reaching those who are relevant to your market and industry.  

Find out more on how you can target your ads, here. 

7. Be human with video marketing

Currently online videos make up more than 82% of consumer internet traffic. People are no longer satisfied with a social account that is only full of images as they are one dimensional. 

By getting visual and using video content to market your brand you are matching customer demands as well as opening your content up. Video marketing allows you to be more human, and puts a face or faces to the brand. Authentic team content is what makes businesses shine, especially when using real people. 

Content becomes a lot more engaging when you use visuals, people can digest video content better than visual or written content. Giving you more creative licence and freedom to market yourself however you want. 

8. Become active in Facebook groups

Facebook groups are an effective way to integrate yourself and your brand. It gives you a way to reach a lot of people and is a fantastic marketing strategy. You can share your business posts into groups and those in the group can share this information with others and that’s one way to gain engagement. 

Remaining active in a Facebook group also reminds these people of your brand if they happen to forget and it also makes your brand more personable, as it’s coming from the team within the business. The group members feel a stronger connection to you and your brand which means they are more likely to want to use it.

As well as building long lasting relationships with customers and increasing your organic reach, Facebook groups give you a space where you can post important information about your brand, from new announcements and potential launching dates that you want to promote. 

9. Building a community using influencers

Influencers have transformed what social media used to be. Their influence and reach is extremely powerful and must be utilised in the right way when considering your Facebook marketing strategy. You can use influencers to promote your brand, which will in turn reach a wider audience and community. 

If you build up a strong enough relationship with these influencers you can build a whole community of people that come flocking to your brand based on the words and social posts of an influencer. This is a solid way to gain attraction to your brand and gain a bigger online presence. 

Where some brands don’t have the financial resources to use influencers, there is always the alternative of encouraging your customers to tag you in pictures using your product, you can then share these on your Facebook timeline and build a community that way, where your real customers are the online image for your brand. 

Emma and Mila Stauffer are young influencers who promote child related products; from soft toys to snacks. With 3 million Instagram followers they have become a huge success, working with big brands and selling products out immediately once they’ve posted about them, highlighting the impact influencers can have on your business.

10. Get creative with contest and giveaways

Undoubtedly, contests and giveaways drive up a lot of interest around your brand online. People love to win things and rightfully so, the more people that talk and hear of your brand the better and what better way for people to talk than to offer them a prize through a contest or giveaway. 

Getting creative with these is a fun way to target new people and boost your engagement to a whole new level. You could do a contest which is very people-focused, encouraging them to send in an image of them doing something that aligns with your brand and giveaways are a great way to get people mentioning, tagging and sharing your content, really pushing your online presence out there. 

Popular brand Eggo hosted a two part Facebook contest called ‘The Great Eggo Waffle Off!’ where entrants had to submit their best recipes for waffles and then fans voted for their favourite recipe. With the winner receiving $5,000. Although, the prize was not brand related the competition itself was and was a great way to get people involved in the brand and increase interest.

Feeling inspired to create some engaging social Facebook content? If you want to kick start your online presence journey, have the ideas but don’t know where to start or you’re in need of new content ideas, we’re here to help. Get in touch with us here at Rawww and we’ll boost your Facebook marketing to new heights.

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