6 Summer social media ideas to include in your content strategy

With Summer now in full swing, it’s time to refresh your social channels with on trend and engaging content.

It’s important for all businesses to have a strong social media presence. During the Summer months, many people will be taking a break from work or school, but definitely not social media.

As it can be difficult to know what content your followers will want to see, here are some Summer social media ideas to fuel your social media strategy. 

1. Take advantage of Summer National Days

Summer is a great time for you to experiment with something different for your feed and have fun with your posts. One way to do this is by looking up any National Days that are approaching, and theme your content around this. Following our Social Media Calendar is great for keeping on top of the upcoming events.

The majority of National Days come with hashtags that will be used widely on the day, so this is a great opportunity to find a day that relates to your business and plan some engaging content for it. 

Some examples worth noting are;

  • World Emoji Day
  • International Day of Friendship
  • World Photo Day
  • National Beer Day

You can get really creative with these and it’s a great way to engage with your followers over the Summer.

2. Promote Summer specials

Brainstorming Summer social media ideas can be difficult, but the one thing businesses will always need is sales. Brighten up your feed with some fun and creative graphic designs to promote Summer offers on your account. 

Every business is different, but promote an offer that works well for you. Creating limited time deals with a Summer twist will help boost your engagement and encourage your followers to buy your products.

3. Post Summer employee spotlights and content

This is a really effective way to make your social media account more personal to your followers. If people love your brand, then they’ll love the faces behind it. 

By showing your followers a behind the scenes glimpse of what you and your team do on a day-to-day basis, this can really connect you with your audience. You can have fun with this over Summer and show your hardworking team unwinding after a long day at the office by sunbathing in the garden. 

Alternatively, introducing a ‘Meet the Team’ series is a great social media idea for your strategy. Let your audience really get to know your brand. This could be made seasonal for Summer by getting your employees to say their favourite thing about Summer in their profiles.

4. Get involved with your followers

Nothing will help build engagement like getting involved with your followers. Having a business is a partnership between you and them, so staying connected with them will help build on this relationship. 

For Summer social media ideas, it’s good to play games such as ‘This or That’ but Summer edition. Keeping your content lighthearted and relatable to the season is a fun way to engage with your audience. 

Another fun idea your brand can implement for Summer is to create your own hashtag for your brand. Encouraging your community to get involved with this is a great way to keep the momentum going over the Summer months.

5. Be visual with Summer images 

Summer is a great time to revive your feed and inject some colour into it. Getting creative with your images is a great way to boost engagement and an easy way of communicating with your audience.

Asking them to tag your social pages into their images is really beneficial in terms of getting your brand out there. They can even use the brand’s hashtag to increase engagement too.

6. Share Summer tips related to your brand

If your brand sells customer-facing products or services, it’s always helpful to offer out some topical advice or lifestyle tips. 

This can be anything from fashion choices, how to plan and pack for your holiday or even where are the best places to spend a Summer’s day in the area. Your audience will trust your knowledge and resources, so utilise these skills to help fuel your Summer social media ideas.

Summer social media ideas sorted

We’re passionate about helping your business succeed, so we hope this has inspired you to implement some of these social media ideas into your content plan.

If you’re interested in learning the fundamentals of a social media content plan over Summer, read our latest blog here.

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