The top 10 calendar dates that need to be in your content plan

Ensuring that your social media content plan features important calendar dates and events is essential. This keeps your content relevant and shows your audience your business is in-tune with the outside world.

To help, we’ve put together our top 10 calendar dates that need to be in your content plan…

New Year – 1st January

Celebrating the New Year on your social media channels provides a great opportunity to reflect on the past year and recognise the support your business has received from your customers.

You could take this time to show your appreciation for all of the people who enabled your business to thrive throughout the past year.

The beginning of a new year is also the ideal time to launch new products or services. Consider posting a ‘sneak peak’ or ‘behind the scenes’ style social post to build audience excitement and anticipation.

Blue Monday – 18th January 2021

While January can feel like a positive fresh-start, the month also proves to be a very tough time to navigate for many people.

With Seasonal Affective Disorder having a significant impact on the wellbeing and mental health of many people during the first few months of the year, recognising this in your social media content showcases your company’s human side and promotes social responsibility.

Try offering words of encouragement and support to your audience, reminding them that this time will pass. Launching a campaign to ‘beat the blues’ and spread joy can help fuel your social content while simultaneously raising awareness of an important issue and creating a positive wider impact.

Valentine’s Day – 14th February

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to inject some fun into your social content.

Try tapping into customer emotions by incorporating a deal or promotion into your social posts. 2-4-1 offers tend to go down well, however showing customers some extra love with a loyalty scheme which gives back is sure to be popular with regulars.

Whatever themed content you decide to create, Valentine’s Day is a date not to be forgotten about (both on social media and your personal life!).

Mother’s Day – 14th March 2021

Another important date to incorporate into your social media content is Mother’s Day.

When everyone is ready to show their appreciation for their mum, why not utilise this in your social posts? Asking your audience to tell you why their mum deserves to win a certain prize from your business is a great way to increase audience engagement and allow people to give their mum the shout-out they deserve.

Easter – 4th April 2021

Easter is another valuable date in the diary as it can fuel your business’ social posting for an entire weekend.

Depending on the nature of your company, running a virtual egg hunt, launching a spring clean campaign or offering your audience a sweet discount that they can’t refuse, are all ideas worth considering when planning your social content.

Including some ‘eggcelent’ puns in your posts is also an opportunity not to be missed.

Father’s Day – 20th June 2021

Statistics show that people tend to spend less money on Father’s Day than they do on Mother’s Day. Since Father’s Day is less of a commercial event, it’s better to focus on content that engages and inspires customer loyalty rather than content that makes a hard sell.

Encouraging customers to thank their dads or attributing a comment or dedicated post to them, may be a good way to boost audience engagement on your social media pages.

Telling a ‘Dad-joke’ can also make a fun and light-hearted social post that is easy for your audience to re-share to friends and followers.

Halloween – 31st October

When everyone is preparing to put on their Halloween costumes, why not dress-up your social media channels with a spooky theme too?

Halloween is a great time to post themed social media content and get creative with spooktastic images. Offering a seasonal discount or launching a creepy product promotion can be a good way to both increase sales and tie your content in with the celebrations.

Halloween is also the perfect time to post user-generated content. Whether it is costumes or pets dressed as pumpkins, asking your audience to send pictures in as part of a competition will provide you with an abundance of posts created by your very own customers.

Bonfire Night – 5th November

Bonfire Night is the time to create social content with a bang.

Try launching a 24 hour giveaway or competition that will help to set your social media channels alight.

What’s more, with the festive shopping season beginning to come into action, Bonfire Night is a good time to try and make a lasting impression on your audience.

Remembrance Sunday – 14th November 2021

Less is more when showing respect on your social media channels for Remembrance Day.

Acknowledging the date by posting a simple image of a poppy or cross is a way for your business to metaphorically bow its head and hold a two minute silence to honour those who gave their lives in the war.

Christmas – 25th December

You couldn’t create a social content plan without including the festivities of Christmas.

Now is the time to gift your customers with some merry content to get them into the festive spirit.

Hosting a 12 days of Christmas themed giveaway, creating a gift-guide or launching a seasonal competition are all ways to both give back to your audience and fuel your social media content.

We hope this blog has left you feeling inspired and ready to put together your business’ next social content plan. Keep checking our Social Media Calendar for more ideas to help fuel your social channels and boost audience engagement.

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